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Nick Brana: Here’s what I said when I was asked to join Bernie 2020

When I was on Bernie’s first campaign for president in 2016, the rush of support was incredible. He was raising hundreds of millions of dollars, filling stadiums everywhere, and polling best against Trump (as I often reminded the superdelegates). Bernie did not lose because he lacked support from the people. He lost because the Democratic…

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The DNC’s Plan to Block Bernie

Contact: Carol Ehrle | MPP Media | The Democratic Party has Set the Stage for a Replay of 2016 Washington, D.C. — In 2016, Bernie Sanders was raising hundreds of millions of dollars, polling best against Trump, and filling stadiums everywhere he went. Sanders did not lose because he lacked support. He lost because the…

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Seven-time Emmy winner and former Screen Actors Guild president Ed Asner endorses our labor-community campaign

Enjoy the latest and greatest from the Movement for a People’s Party in our February Newsletter. MPP News ● NYC Chapter Meeting – Attend NYC’s first chapter meeting at 6 pm tomorrow, Thursday, February 7. Come to Jefferson Market Library, 425 6th Ave. in Greenwich Village. All are welcome! ● Truthdig – Historian Dr. Paul Street profiles MPP and our rising labor-community…

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