Breaking: Labor is Declaring its Independence

The labor movement has been the vanguard of the working class since the industrial revolution swept the world. But for decades unions and working people have found themselves without a political party. Labor has the power to change everything now. Unions have 15 million members and spend hundreds of millions of dollars on elections.

Building a major new party will be a partnership between unions and social movements. That is why this summer we’ve been hard at work building alliances with labor. Today it’s my great honor to announce that the Movement for a People’s Party is partnering with Socialist Organizer to launch the Labor-Community Campaign for an Independent Party.

Last month we hosted a series of hugely successful labor forums in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and San Jose. More than a hundred labor organizers from those forums have already joined the campaign. And just last night the Labor Fightback Network representing hundreds of labor activists across the country unanimously voted to endorse us. Our campaign is labor’s greatest break with the Democratic Party in years and we need you to join us today!

Many unions and labor leaders believe that we need a new party and that it’s a question of timing. By bringing together hundreds of members and leaders across many different unions and progressive organizations, we can excite and inspire more unions, organizations and activists to join us in building the major new party that the majority of Americans are calling for. We can show that working people are ready.

The campaign is inspired by a pathbreaking resolution passed at the AFL-CIO’s 2017 national convention that calls for a break with “lesser of two evils politics.” The LCCIP will have the twin goals of building labor-community assemblies that run state and local candidates beginning in 2019, and advancing the creation of a Labor Party Advocates that brings together many more unions for a new party.

Remarkable union organizers and progressive activists are already partnering with us. Al Rojas, who co-founded the United Farm Workers of America with César Chávez and is the national coordinator of the Driscoll’s Boycott Campaign. Donna DeWitt, the former president of the South Carolina AFL-CIO. Millie Phillips, the co-chair of the Golden Gate Chapter of the past Labor Party. Don Bechler, the chair of Single Payer Now.

We want to show that supporters, members and leaders who are working with many different unions and progressive organizations support building a major new party. Whether you’re with SEIU, DSA, Our Revolution, the Poor People’s Campaign or any other union or progressive organization aside from MPP, add your name in support and cite your affiliation.

This is groundbreaking work. We’re proud to be doing it with you!

In heart and struggle,

Nick Brana
Founder and National Director
Movement for a People’s Party