I want to tell you about our movement. Our mission is to build a coalition-based major new party that is free of corporate influence. A party for the 99% because most Americans feel that they are not being represented by the two major parties. Most Americans are in agreement that money in politics is a huge problem and it is time for a change.


We know that the Democratic Party is not going to be the vehicle for the political revolution of which Bernie Sanders spoke. We also know that Bernie Sanders and his policies were overwhelmingly popular with Millennials. That means that whether the establishment likes it or not, this is the direction in which the country is heading, and your generation has the power and influence. We already saw this happen in the UK. The success of Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign was largely due to his popularity among Millennials. It is time for us to utilize your generation’s power and influence here in the the US.


Toward that goal we are building a coalition for a major new party that fights for the policies that will help the 99% such as universal health care, public college and a living wage. I hope that you join our movement for a major new party. We would like to help you start a chapter here at your university.

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