Can or Should The Democratic Party Be Reformed?

William R. Kildall, Ed. D.
Draft Bernie
Washington State Lead

For those who are part of the establishment, hidden or out in the open, and those who are fence sitters not sure whether to bail out or hang on, the future of the Democratic Party appears very dim. You can dress up a cadaver for a funeral but you cannot expect it to get up off its death bed and go on about life as before. The same applies to the Democratic Party.

Here are three reasons why the Democratic Party and the two-party system is doomed: First, the Democratic Party resembles the Republican Party because it abandoned the working class and organized labor. Examples can be found in the coal mine country, the rust belt and the sawmill towns across this nation. Both parties are indistinguishable and have betrayed the working class because they are creatures of Wall Street and represent the interests of a few hundred wealthy individuals and families, not the working class and certainly not the common voter.

Second, as a result, the few wealthy control and play their zero-sum gaming of the economic system. Under the protection of their political sycophants, our environment is now reaching critical mass for permanent destruction. Just look how the fossil-petrol-chemical military-industrial complex has reversed and proposes further repeal of legislation we have enjoyed since the Roosevelt era. Ask yourself: how effective has Congress been in defense of the people’s stance against the construction of the oil pipelines and rail cars running from north to south and east to west? Or in regard to the huge expenditure of our taxes spent on arms?

Then look at Detroit and Flint, MI. and the collapse of their infrastructure after corporate interests abandoned the state and the lead poisoning of Flint’s population. Consider the melting rate of the Polar ice cap and the continued rise of the sea level. What about the dwindling working class now becoming a large underclass just one paycheck from poverty and ending up homeless? Don’t forget about the latest move to put off a $15 per hour minimum wage until 2024 and how Big Pharma and the for-profit insurance companies are becoming unbridled in charging what the market will bare.

Now ask yourself, how effective has the Democratic Party been when acting on behalf of the public interest on these issues?

Third, don’t forget about the mess created by the DNC that occurred leading up to the blatant exposure of thuggery by government agents and DNC operatives to squelch the Berniecrats in Philadelphia. Think about how progressives have been treated since then. The Democratic Party has abandoned the electorate and the working class for Wall Street, from Bill Clinton’s Presidency until now. The Party has operated nationally and at the local level as though they are on a permanent status–quo autopilot since Clinton was elected. Because of that, Democratic leadership has run the Party into the ground.

Local and state establishment Democrats came out of the woodwork during Hillary Clinton’s primary campaign and leading up to the nomination. Since she lost the general election, establishment Democrats have maintained their grip on power in the Party. They continue to operate locally and nationally to employ counter-revolutionary tactics to undermine and squelch needed social, economic, political and environmental change.

Now they slithered out of their lair because they see a power shift to the left. Progressives are perceived by the neoliberal Democrats as threatening because the old guard fears their grasp on local control and that elected positions will be overturned as Progressive begin to organize.

Change is imminent because the Democratic Party is unable to advocate for programs that will meet the needs of the people. It persists with repressing change coming from the people. Even when the establishment begrudgingly allows progressive crumbs into its platform, their allegiance to the Wall Street elites makes it lip service. Their platforms serve as nothing more than window dressing and false advertisement.

The idea that both parties in Congress will reach compromise to achieve working class well-being is a myth. The only thing either party will be able to accomplish is to satisfy their own self-interest and that of the elite class through compromise at the expense of the working class. That is why neither party represents the interest of the 99 percent. Many of us have come to the realization that we will never become members of the elite donor class. That is a fantasy. We are left with the realization that a new people’s party is the only rational alternative to the present social, economic, political and environmental chaos.