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Chris Hedges interviews MPP’s Nick Braña on On Contact

Nick Brana, founder & executive director of Movement for a People’s Party, talks with journalist Chris Hedges about the USA’s two political party system, the need for third and fourth parties and his experience campaigning for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election.

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Forming a Coalition – Interview with Myrna Lim

Coming off the successful Convergence Conference in Washington D.C., Nick Brana and Myrna Lim discuss Nick’s organization’s next steps in helping to organize a major new party that recent polls show the progressive majority of Americans want.  

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Interview with Nick Brana – The Ed Schultz Show on RT – 9/13/17

Democrats are facing rising discontent in their own ranks. The progressive organization “Draft Bernie for a People’s Party” gathered 50,000 signatures asking Bernie Sanders for leadership. Nick Brana, former Sanders campaign official and founder of the organization, joins “News with Ed” to discuss the goals of the group and the need for a true populist left. Watch…

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