Draft Bernie National Organizing Call – 8/24/17

The People’s Convergence Conference is just 2 weeks away! Jimmy Dore, Tim Black and Lee Camp will help us kick it off Friday, Sept. 8, by attending the rally on the National Mall at 1:30pm – 2:30pm and delivering the petition signatures to Bernie’s office at 3:00pm. That night Jimmy will do a live version of his show. At the Conference, the plenaries and workshops will include a variety of topics. In addition, we’ll show Josh Fox’s film Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock.

Promotion for the Conference and Town Hall includes an article by Mike Sainato and Nick’s invitation published in the Huffington Post. We also have the delegate video compiled by Jeff Sanders and released Thursday along with the delegate letter signed by hundreds of Bernie’s delegates. Check them out on the DB National Facebook page!

We’ve begun sending out the radius emails for the Town Hall sister gatherings. The sister gathering in Austin, TX had 1,663 emails sent out to within a 100-mile radius and RSVPs began shortly afterwards! If you’d like to plan a watch party, please read our Agenda for Town Hall Sister Gatherings and post your watch party on the Events map.

We have three Facebook events posted: the Town Hall, the rally and petition delivery, and the People’s Convergence Conference. Please share to your own FB pages every day so that they stay at the top. Also, go to the Conference website and share it to your networks.

At the petition delivery, we’ll present Bernie with an oversized $160,000 check from the Crowdpac pledged from people who are counting on Bernie to stand with us in this movement that affects the futures of all us. Please join us at the Conference!