Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just reform the Democratic Party?

  • Working people understand that the corporate parties cannot be reformed. That is why almost two out of every three Americans is now calling for a major new party, including an even greater number of young and working people. To revolutionize this country, we must stand with its working people.

  • Despite monumental efforts to bring people into the Democratic Party, party affiliation is near historic lows and the number of independents is far larger than Democrats or Republicans.

  • The party is structured undemocratically, with a small number of party insiders, lobbyists, and superdelegates who hold the decision making power. There are no mechanisms for real change.

  • Only a small percentage of progressive candidates are able to successfully navigate the obstacles created by the party. Those who win are then under immense pressure to conform to the will of the party elites. History shows that they trade their progressive message to get committee appointments from the party leadership, get support for their bills, avoid well-funded primary opponents, swap election support with establishment politicians, get along with their colleagues, advance to higher office, and keep their jobs and income.

  • Historically independent parties have been instrumental in bringing about progressive change. That’s the missing ingredient in our progressive movement today. Pressure from outside the Democratic party will cause it to change or be replaced.


Why not just join the Green Party or another existing party?

  • The Green Party has been a trailblazer in Independent politics, however we believe that breaking through the duopoly will take a new party.

  • MPP’s mission is different than existing third parties. We’re building a coalition of unions, progressive organizations, community groups, and others that together can launch a major new party that represents working people.

  • MPP collaborates with like-minded organizations when politically constructive.

  • The majority of the American people are calling for a major new party. The people have the opportunity to help build and shape the new party.


Won’t a new party split the vote? (The “spoiler effect”)

  • Affiliation with the major parties has been declining for a decade and there are now far more Independents than Democrats or Republicans. If even half of progressives still currently in the Democratic party and only half of Independents were to join the new party, it would be the largest party in America. What remained of the Democrats would become the spoiler!

  • As Americans grow more progressive, they realize that the Democratic Party doesn’t represent them and are not inspired to vote. Only a new party built on the progressive views of the majority can inspire the turnout necessary to defeat Trump and his agenda.


How will the new party get on the ballot?

  • Getting ballot access for a new party is a state-by-state process that generally requires collecting thousands to tens of thousands of petition signatures in each state.

  • A benefit of a coalition of labor unions and progressive groups, is that we can pool our resources to achieve things like ballot access. Together we could make quick work of those signatures.

  • Every four years, the Green and Libertarian parties collect hundreds of thousands of signatures for presidential ballot access. They do so with far fewer volunteers and resources than would be available to a coalition.

  • In some states a petition wouldn’t even be necessary. A new party only needs to reach the registration minimum. In Colorado for example, the threshold is registering 1,000 members to the party. This means that the new party could gain ballot access naturally just by promoting itself and encouraging people to register as party members.

  • MPP recently announced a ballot access Pledge Drive. Volunteers will be canvassing communities across the country to pledge their support for a major new party for working people. Then when we’re ready to file for ballot access in a state, we’ll be ahead of the game and we can accomplish it quickly.