Arrests at Poor Peoples Campaign May 14 2018

Breaking News: Nick Brana arrested during non-violent action with the Poor People’s Campaign

Nick Brana has been arrested along with the Rev. William Barber II and 300 other protestors in a launch of the non-violent 40 days of moral action organized by the Poor People’s Campaign (PPC). The arrests occurred on the northeast Capitol lawn in Washington D.C. after the protestors, led by Barber and his PPC co-chair…
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Fork In The National Road: A New Progressive Supermajority Party Is Forming – Huffington Post

Author Gail Mellor McGowan assesses the political environment in light of the 2016 election and primary season, and previews The People’s Convergence Conference. She also assesses how the nation has arrived at this point in its history. Read the story here.
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The Myth of the Duopoly – Huffington Post

Author Gail McGowan Mellor assesses the state of the two party duopoly and the rise of a progressive supermajority. Read the piece here.
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Progressives Delivering 'Draft Bernie' Petition to Sanders Himself – The Humanist Report

Mike Figueredo interviews Nick Brana in advance of the Draft Bernie Town Hall and petition delivery to Senator Bernie Sanders’ office.
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ask Senator Bernie Sanders to start a new “Peoples’ Party” – Heywyre

Writer Gail Koffman previews The People’s Convergence Conference and the Draft Bernie Town Hall. Read the article here.
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Nick Brana appearance on The Visionary Activist

Caroline hosts Nick Brana, chief catalyst for the Draft Bernie movement & The People’s Convergence Conference. Listen to the discussion here.
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