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MPP News

★ Labor Outreach – On February 25, we joined with our coalition partners in the Labor-Community Campaign for an Independent Party to convene some of our top labor allies for the first time. AFL-CIO executive council members and leaders at the highest levels of American labor were represented. Attendees formed an organizing committee to expand our outreach to unions. The campaign has come a long way since we launched it as an independent coalition of labor and progressive organizations. Reply to this email to help with outreach to groups in your area.

★ Hands Off Venezuela – MPP members voted to endorse the Answer Coalition’s march to protest U.S. sanctions and the ongoing coup attempt in Venezuela. Hands Off Venezuela will meet today at 12 p.m. EST in front of the White House. Join us in Washington, D.C. or at a sister rally in your area. Help us amplify the message on social media by posting and sharing with the hashtags #HandsOffVenezuela and #PeoplesPartyRising. Take photos of yourselves at the rallies and post them to social media with our hashtags so we can retweet them. For background, watch Abby Martin’s interview with the U.N.’s Investigator and Human Rights Rapporteur.

★ No to NATO Peace Festival – The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is coming to Washington, D.C. April 4. World Beyond War is organizing a peace festival to unwelcome them. MPP members voted on our national call to endorse the No to NATO – Yes to Peace Festival. Events begin March 30, with the main march, rally and workshops April 3-4. MPP is proud to be taking part in the revitalization of the anti-war movement.

★ California Progressive Alliance – MPP members voted to join the California Progressive Alliance, chaired by Gayle McLaughlin, who ran as an independent in last year’s California lieutenant governor race. The organization seeks to promote progressive issues and legislation and support corporate-free candidates. Their founding convention will be March 30-31 in San Luis Obispo, CA. Please reply if you would like to attend with MPP.

★ Election Integrity – Tim Canova, who ran for Congress against Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Florida’s 23rd District, is contesting the results based on alarming irregularities. Broward Co. officials cannot account for 98,000 votes cast for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, enough to swing the election. Canova’s share of the official vote was 5 percent in every demographic group, a statistically impossible result. Sign Tim’s petition calling for an investigation by the House Administration Committee.


US Politics

★ Presidential race – Beto O’Rourke announces his campaign and Joe Biden is preparing to enter the race. The Democratic Party is using O’Rourke’s campaign to split young people and independents with Bernie in the primary. The establishment is going after Tulsi Gabbard more harshly than anyone for her anti-war stance.

★ Green New Deal – Senate Democrats rebuke the Green New Deal, releasing a climate resolution that acknowledges climate change without committing to any emissions reductions. In stark contrast, DSA Ecosocialists release seven guiding principles for addressing climate change and George Monbiot writes that “capitalism is destroying the earth” as young people rise up in protest.

★ Medicare for All – As they did after Obama’s election, leading Democrats are moving the goalpost on Medicare for all, pushing a public option or expansion of ObamaCare while reassuring insurance companies the U.S. will never have a single payer system. Virtually all of the Democrats who say they support Rep. Jayapal’s Medicare for All bill voted for PayGo austerity rules that make it impossible to pass; 231 House Democrats voted for PayGo while only three opposed it.

★ AIPAC – Congresswoman Ilhan Omar came under bigoted attacks by the right wing. Democratic politicians and pundits enabled their attacks by lending legitimacy to accusations of anti-Semitism after Omar stated that AIPAC seeks to influence U.S. policy. AIPAC’s own website calls the organization “America’s pro-Israel lobby.”


World Politics

★ Algeria – Millions protested across Algeria for the fourth week in a row demanding an end to President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s 20-year reign. Facing deteriorating economic conditions, students and young people are joining with unions and workers to demand the president’s immediate resignation and a new election.

★ United Kingdom – Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party draw closer to power in the U.K., thanks in large part to the U.K. having a party rooted in labor and working people.

★ France – Through a media blackout, the Yellow Vest rebellion continues against Macron’s neoliberal government. Macron’s approval rating hovers in the twenties.


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