MPP National Conference Call – 1/18/18

Graphic for Weekly Conference Call recap

The Movement for a People’s Party is growing quickly as we continue to build new MPP chapters across the country! To help you build yours, please look at our Chapter Building Guide . It will show you step-by-step how to organize an MPP chapter. If you have questions, email us at

On this week’s national conference call, we were joined by Brad Lathem, a DSA leader in Georgia who is part of DSA’s Refoundation Caucus. This is a revolutionary caucus within Democratic Socialists of America that believes we need to form a major new party. Brad helped write a new proposal, an Independent Socialist Strategy for DSA, which he discussed on the call. Afterwards, Brad conducted a Q & A with call attendees. Then we put the proposal to a vote. Movement for a People’s Party overwhelmingly voted “Yes” to endorse this exciting new proposal! We look forward to collaborating with DSA as we work to make a clean break from the Democratic Party and create a party for working people.

This week we introduced a new Events feature on our website. Anyone can add an event by going to the “Events” tab and clicking “Add an Event”. Once you fill out the required information, your event will appear immediately on the map. Make sure to regularly check our Events feature to stay up to date with the events and chapter meetings in your area.

Click the link below to listen to the recording of the call.