MPP National Conference Call – 1/25/18

Graphic for Weekly Conference Call recap

On our national conference call on Thursday January 25th,  we discussed several ways the Democratic Party continues to work against the people and progressive candidates. They betrayed the Dreamers four times by not insisting that DACA be a part of the budget talks in Congress. This occurred even though many Dreamers met with Democratic party officials and were assured they would stand up for them.

The Democrats continue to stymie the efforts of progressive Democratic candidates to win primary elections over established Democratic candidates. Progressives have been denied access to VAN, an important organizing tool for candidates. They have been forced to sign a unity statement in which they pledge to support the victorious established Democrat. There are reports that the DCCC is requiring primary candidates to raise a certain amount of money via phone calls in order to be placed on the primary ballot. Progressive candidates running inside the Democratic Party can be assured of being sabotaged in one way or another.

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