MPP National Conference Call – 2/1/18

Graphic for Weekly Conference Call recap

On our Thursday night national conference call, we listened to speaker Eve Majure discuss a history of how economic injustice has developed in our country based on the book Runaway Inequality by Les Leopold. Eve is a professional facilitator who delivers workshops on wealth and income inequality. She emphasized that both Democratic and Republican elected officials have passed legislation for decades that has resulted in runaway inequality. Read more about this at Runaway Inequality..

The established Democrats continue their efforts to block progressive candidates in primaries by filing expensive lawsuits against them. In Illinois and Arizona, progressives are spending thousands of dollars in legal fees as well as having to put their campaigns on hold. In California, Stephen Jaffe, the primary challenger to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, acquired the necessary amount of signatures to prevent the California Democratic Party from formally endorsing Pelosi. However, the CDP later changed the number of signatures that were required and rejected Jaffe’s petition and endorsed Pelosi. The same thing happened to Maria Estrada who met the petition requirements to challenge the CDP’s endorsement of House Speaker Anthony Rendon. Both cases will be decided later by CDP centrist commissions. Running as a progressive candidate inside the Democratic Party almost assuredly guarantees some sort of sabotage.

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