MPP National Conference Call – 4/26/2018

On the national call, ​you voted unanimously to endorse Tim Canova’s independent bid for Congress! Tim touched on several aspects of his progressive platform which is a reflection of MPP’s principles. An economist, Tim has a particular interest in resolving the country’s hidden unemployment problem. Among his ideas are giving equal weight to a universal basic income and a job guarantee, creating a national infrastructure bank and establishing time shares that would allow people to work fewer hours at a livable wage.

Tim gave a shoutout to Miami-Dade MPP supporters who have already become an integral volunteer force on his campaign and are working feverishly to bring down the “Goliath” Democratic Party incumbent, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Working on races like Florida Congressional District 23 and supporting independents like Tim Canova show that the future of this country will be built by progressive grassroots energy.

You also voted overwhelmingly in favor of three issues: an endorsement of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign march and Resurrection City (June 2-14)​, a resolution of solidarity with striking teachers across the country, and an initiative to Outlaw Dirty Money in Arizona.

Listen to the call archive through the link below: