National Conference Call – 11/30/17

Graphic for Weekly Conference Call recap

This week’s National Conference Call was full of many exciting announcements.

First, Nick announced that Movement for a People’s Party will start making official political endorsements of candidates! We already have our first candidate for potential endorsement, Gayle McLaughlin. Gayle is the former two-term Mayor of Richmond, CA and is now running for Lt. Governor as an independent. Gayle is the type of progressive candidate with bold vision we are looking for, but please research her yourself as we will be voting on whether or not to endorse her on next week’s call.

Our second exciting announcement was that MPP will begin its very own interview series on our Facebook page. The interview series will feature people who are leaving the Democratic Party. People who played by the rules and did all the right things only to have their hopes crushed by this corporate entity. The first interview will be Tuesday December 5 at 8:30 pm EST as Nick interviews David Sparks, author of “Why I Can No Longer In Good Conscience Involve Myself In This Political Duopoly.” During this week’s call we were joined by David Sparks himself so he could share his experience during the 2016 campaign both as a candidate and as a Bernie Sanders delegate.

Carol then shared some important organizing actions coming up regarding Net Neutrality. On Thursday December 7th, several organizations are scheduling protests all across the country at Verizon locations to stand up for Net Neutrality. So please go to to either host a protest or find the protest nearest you. Also please contact the FCC and your local representatives and tell them to save Net Neutrality! One easy way to do this is to visit

Finally, Nick talked about our plans moving forward. We are reaching out to unions, campus groups, communities of color, progressive groups, political parties, organizations and more. Nick explained that our big organizing push for this month is going to be outreach to academics. Please help us grow our powerful and crucial alliance with academics for a people’s party by reaching out via your alma mater or any colleges/universities in your area. Explain to them our mission, ask if they would like to sign on as a supporter, or if they know any other academics that might also be interested. If they are interested, please have them fill out and submit this form.

Listen to the call below.