National Conference Call 11/9/17

This call is our first official Movement for a People’s Party (MPP) national conference call. As a result of last week’s election, the establishment Democrats are feeling vindicated. Ralph Northam, newly elected governor in Virginia, is a conservative Democrat who twice voted for George Bush. Recently, he announced that he would sign a bill to ban sanctuary cities in his state. New Jersey’s governor-elect, Phil Murphy, is a former Goldman Sachs executive. In both states’ Democratic primaries, the Democratic Party successfully worked to eliminate the progressive candidate. They are already putting Blue Dog Dems into 2018 races. They have spent millions of dollars in shutting down progressives. They are saying loud and clear that ‘we don’t need progressives’. We are saying loud and clear that we need a people’s party more than ever!

Our MPP field organization is gearing up for the challenge. We have begun coalition building in several states. To form coalitions, it just takes that first step of meeting someone and building a relationship. We are encouraging all of you to take that first step. Please visit our coalition building information and documents for more info.

Click the player below to listen to the call’s recording.