National Conference Call – 12/14/17

Graphic for Weekly Conference Call recap

On the 12/14/17 ​national call, we encouraged callers to participate in two actions. The first involved Ranked Choice Voting, where election integrity expert Dr. Paul Thomas of Voter Choice MA gave instructions on how MPP can help phonebank into the state of Maine where Dems are trying to kill this voter approved initiative.

RCV’s ability to more fairly represent the full spectrum of voters horrifies the status quo of the Democratic Party because it eliminates the spoiler effect, making it e​asier for progressives to get elected outside of the duopoly. A success in Maine would likely spread RCV to other states.

We are also asking everyone to help in a last-ditch effort to save net neutrality. Call​ your member of Congress ​at​ (202) 759-7766. More information can be found at Battle for the Net. The effort to repeal net neutrality was initiated when president Obama appointed another telecom lobbyist and campaign bundler to head the FCC. It took four million comments against repeal to force the Obama administration to back down. But opened the door for Trump’s repeal ​last week.

The fight for RCV and net neutrality perfectly illustrate why we need a people’s party. We need to turn the tables on the establishment with a party that will build on our achievements instead of constantly undermining them and dragging us to new lows.

Nick wrapped up a hugely productive ten day visit to the San Francisco Bay Area where he delivered the keynote address to Human Agenda in San Jose, sat on a panel and met with our first endorsed candidate Gayle McLaughlin, and also met with leaders from the Green Party, the Peace and Freedom Party, academics, journalists, and more than a hundred MPP supporters. You can nominate candidates for endorsement here. Be sure to refer us to potentially supportive academics for our Academics for a People’s Party sign on letter too.

Nick gave a heartfelt thank you to all who have helped carry MPP/DB to great achievements in 2017. Take time to reflect and rejuvenate as we will need every single one of you to build on our successess by helping to unite progressives in a people’s party in 2018.

We will take the next two weeks off from national calls for the holidays and will return Thursday, January 4th.

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H​appy Holidays from Nick and the whole MPP team​!


Click the link below to listen to the recording of the call.