National Organizing Call – 10/26/17

On this week’s call we shared our experiences with coalition building thus far. More and more groups are coming around to the idea of working from outside the Democratic Party. That is why Nick asks that if you come across a group seriously interested in joining our coalition, send their contact information to and we will set up a Skype meeting.  Alternatively, you can submit your recommendations for coalition partners and supporters via this form.

Nick discussed the fact that confidence in our institutions is at an historic low and declining. A new party is inevitable, the question is, what kind of party will it be? Will it be a right wing populist party, the kind that Trump, Bannon, and the Mercer family foreshadow? Or a new neoliberal party masquerading as Third Way, the kind that French elites used with Macron? Or will progressives come together to offer working people a genuine alternative? There is a new political reality in America and the stakes are immeasurably high. If progressives don’t offer an alternative that fills the anti-establishment void, someone else will, just like Trump did last year.