National Organizing Call – 11/2/17

Nick discussed Donna Brazile’s brazen attempt to sell her book by hopping on the progressive train and trying to absolve her own participation in the rigged Democratic Party primary. Every part of this is outrageous. Despicable. The admission of fraud, the new lies to obscure deeper lies, the abdication of Brazile’s responsibility for the fraud, the opportunistic timing designed for Brazile’s personal profit and to justify her DNC Rules Committee appointment. All of this offers further proof that we need a third party now.

In further support of that narrative, our guest speaker, Juan “Charlie” Mercado discussed his run for Congress as an independent (NPP) against a corporate Democrat in San Diego’s 51st congressional district. A veteran, Charlie has a particular interest in bringing back to the US veterans who have been deported. Those who risk their lives for our country and their families should have automatic citizenship.

As always, reach out to progressive groups such as Our Revolution (OR)  and Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) by attending their meetings and forging connections toward our goal of a people’s party.

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