October 2018 Newsletter

We’re starting a monthly newsletter to share recent news, MPP projects, and help those who want to get more engaged.

Our country faces great problems and we are at a major crossroads. This is a pivotal moment in history for the U.S. and the world. Our organization’s mission is to build a new coalition party that will not just “represent” the people but “be” the people. Ours is a winning strategy and we have momentum on our side. But this is hard work and we need each of you who shares our vision to contribute.

We can do it because we must. The Democratic Party cannot be reformed into a progressive labor party. The establishment has made its intentions clear and the party is structured to ensure that fundamental reform never happens. That gives corporations and billionaires two major parties. If we want a political revolution we must organize working people into a major party of their own.

Here’s the latest news and how you can contribute to the movement!

Democratic Party Updates

MPP Actions

  • Hundreds of labor leaders and organizers partner with MPP  and Socialist Organizer to launch the Labor-Community Campaign for an Independent Party. The LCCIP is labor’s biggest break from the Democratic Party in years. It will rally together the unions and labor organizers that want a new party. It will also build labor-community assemblies in cities across the country that run independent candidates and lay the foundation for a labor-based party. You can endorse and join the campaign here.
  • We joined farmworkers in San Quintin, Mexico and the U.S. in the international Driscoll’s Boycott Day of Action this Saturday. Driscoll’s employs child laborers, keeps workers in the fields for 12-hours a day, pays them starvation wages, sprays them with toxic pesticides, ignores rape cases, and prevents them from unionizing. Join MPP members in pledging to boycott Driscoll’s berries for its human rights abuses.
  • We are joining postal workers and their unions in a day of action on October 8 to stop Trump from privatizing the Post Office.
  • MPP partners with the Women’s March on the Pentagon , which is set for October 20-21 in D.C. and elsewhere. The weekend includes a march, rally, and a mixer with the nation’s leading peace activists such as Cindy Sheehan and Medea Benjamin. Nick will speak at the rally outside the Pentagon. MPP organizers are getting together with Nick at 10 am at this Starbucks near the Pentagon City Metro station in Arlington, VA just before the march. Reply to this email if you’d like to join us.
  • MPP is supporting Tim Canova’s independent run in Florida to replace the infamous Debbie Wasserman Schultz. It would be a major achievement for our organization and the progressive movement if Tim wins. Get involved in one of the many ways to promote Tim’s campaign: join our phone banking, participate in our postcard campaign, or contact Tim’s campaign manager Deborah (mailto:deborah@timcanova.com) to arrange a trip to Florida, meet Tim and canvass his district.

Other News

The US-backed war in Yemen is the “worst humanitarian crisis in the world,” says the EU. Thousands of innocent people have already been killed and millions are facing hunger and dire living conditions. “The EU condemned the bombing of densely populated areas and the destruction of schools, medical facilities, residential areas, markets, water systems, ports and airports.” U.S. politicians and media are silent on the atrocity.

The U.N. Secretary General warns that humanity’s existence is threatened by climate change and that we are near “the point of no return.” Meanwhile the Democratic Party secretly lifts its ban on taking fossil fuel money after only two months.


The world needs our movement, and our movement needs you.

We have the resources and the technology to create an abundant world. With two-thirds of voters now calling for a major new party, the people have spoken. The political revolution will win when we channel our creative energy and sense of outrage into political action. That’s why what we’re doing is so important.

Get in touch with us to join our community of volunteers. If you’re already volunteering with MPP, remember that we have resources online, including guides for chapter formation, coalition-building, and a menu of actions that you can take to advance our movement. The best way to get started is reaching out to your national lead.

If there are no events or chapters near you, consider forming a chapter yourself and hosting local events. To make it easier and more fun, start with friends and allies.

Consider becoming an ambassador or a canvasser for the pledge-drive . We are also looking for campus leads, regional leads (edit) , and state leads.

If you cannot organize, volunteer, or attend events, please share our message on social media and wherever you can. Finally, you can buy our merchandise and donate to the organization so that we can grow and maintain our efforts.

Most Americans are already calling for a new party. In the next two years, major events will shock the country and throw the doors wide open. The next recession is approaching and the Democrats have made preparations to block Bernie in the 2020 primary again. By building the alternative today we can be prepared to sweep the establishment parties aside when millions more demand it. That is how progressives parties abroad are winning their political revolution and that is how we will too.