Thank you so much for joining us! We are working to create a party for the 99%. Polls show that the majority of Americans are progressive on the issues and want a major new party. The majority of Americans feel that they are not being represented by the two major parties. Despite Bernie Sanders’ continued efforts, the Democratic Party remains firmly in neoliberal control. It is clear that the Democratic Party is not going to be a party for working people.


So just like Bernie said, “Not me, us.” It is up to us to build that major new party. In order to do that, we are building a coalition-based party. There are many political groups and parties right now that have duplicated efforts but have the same mission: a party that represents the people that is free from corporate control. It is time we start working toward our common goals. We want to bring all of these groups to the table; we hope you join us as well. I would love to hear any ideas or suggestions that you have.

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