Our Next Step

Our movement is on a roll. Two weeks ago we partnered with Socialist Organizer to launch labor’s greatest break with the Democratic Party in years, the Labor-Community Campaign for an Independent Party. Since then, we’ve been joined by the Labor Fightback Network, union leaders like Al Rojas, and more than 300 organizers across 100 different unions and progressive groups. Then on Friday, one of the greatest intellectuals of our time, Chris Hedges, officially endorsed MPP.

Our movement is taking on the entire political and economic establishment in this country and the momentum is with us! Now it’s time for the next step.

Getting on the ballot means collecting thousands of signatures in each state, so we want to be smart about building the party. We want to guarantee that we have the support to get on the ballot before filing for access. That’s why we’re kicking off our ballot access Pledge Drive to grow our movement first. We need you to print our petition sheets, read our canvassing script, and help us sign people up to the movement in your community. The goal is to sign up enough people to exceed the signatures needed to register a new party in each state.

Gallup polls tell us that nearly two out of every three Americans now want a major new party, including an even greater number of young and working people. Through our pledge drive, we will canvass communities across the country and sign working people up for a party of their own. The more supporters you sign up, the stronger and faster we will grow. The more people who sign the petition, the more unions and progressive organizations that will join the fight alongside us. Your work will reawaken this country’s sense of hope and optimism, one conversation at a time.

Our national organizing leaders have assembled everything that you’ll need to canvass in our MPP Organizing Kit. Inside you’ll find petition sheets, a canvassing script and guide, business cards, a flyer and more. Use the directory of national organizing leaders to contact the national lead in your state and get started. We’re here to work with you and answer your questions. We suggest canvassing busy pedestrian areas like town squares, post offices, and college campuses.

You’ll also find the information required to follow our second organizing track: the MPP Ambassador Program. Those of you who would like to become an official MPP Ambassador will represent us to progressive groups in your area, lend a hand in their organizing, and win support for our movement. Contact us and we’ll design personalized MPP business cards for you.

If you feel like campaigning this election season, we’re powering Tim Canova’s independent bid for Congress against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Elise in Florida has created a way for supporters across the country to participate in a mailer for Tim. Personal messages make the biggest difference. Take this opportunity to write heartfelt postcards to the residents of Florida’s 23rd district asking them to send Tim to Congress. Tim’s campaign is also inviting progressives from coast-to-coast to travel to South Florida, meet Tim, and join a canvassing team for a few days or more. MPP members from Kansas and Illinois have already booked their trips. Contact Tony on Tim’s team to coordinate your visit. If you can’t send mail or travel, you can always chip in with a donation to Tim. Nothing will stun the political establishment more than electing our first MPP member of Congress!

However you choose to build our movement, please fill out our volunteer form and remember to sign people up on our website and on social media too. Thanks for everything you do.

To a people’s party!

The National Organizing Team
Movement for a People’s Party