The large majority of Americans are progressive. They want single payer health care, free public college, money out of politics, financial regulations, a $15 minimum wage, an infrastructure jobs program, and more. A large majority and record number of Americans are also calling for a major new party.

The country is beyond ready for a new nationally viable progressive party. But our movement is divided into thousands of smaller organizations working independently of one another. That forces each group to devote a large amount of its resources just to competing with each other for supporters, volunteers, media, and donations. On the whole, that means much fewer resources are directed outwards, towards challenging the establishment and actually affecting change.

The progressive community has the power to create the nationally viable alternative to the Democrats and Republicans that Americans are clamoring for. But overthrowing the establishment parties will take a broad alliance. That's why we're building a coalition of working people, unions, community groups, student chapters, academics, progressive parties and left organizations to launch a new people's party.

Our intrepid field leaders and volunteers across the country are approaching groups and discussing the coalition with them. They are emissaries of the coalition, and one conversation at a time we are bringing groups together for the party that will complete the political revolution and usher in a twenty-first century progressive era.