Press Release: DNC Unity Reform Commission Meetings

For Immediate Release

Dec. 9, 2017


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Consultants, Clintonites and Corporate Lobbyists to Decide
Whether Political Revolution May Proceed


Washington D.C. — In the latest example of kicking the can down the road, the DNC Unity Reform Commission announced a handful of non-binding recommendations that remarkably will not even be decided upon until next fall or later and cannot even be fully implemented by the party.

The Unity Reform Commission, the DNC Rules and Bylaws committee, and the DNC are full of Hillary Clinton loyalists, corporate lobbyists, high-priced consultants, and most outrageously, people who actually participated in rigging the American presidential election, like Donna Brazile. Lobbyists from Goldman Sachs, Fox News, Citgo, Citigroup and other multi-billion dollar corporations also sit on the DNC. A once proud progressive movement has been reduced to begging committees of corporate lobbyists and Clintonites for permission to continue the political revolution.

The DNC rigged the 2016 presidential election. Now it has made the perpetrators the jury on their own “Unity” “Reform” Commission.

Even if the Unity Reform Commission recommends all of the changes that Sen. Sanders wants, and the Rules Committee with zero Sanders’ supporters approves them, and two-thirds of the lobbyist-packed DNC adopts them, the Democratic Party could simply undo them all and create an even more rigged nomination process right before the primaries. Or they could just ignore their own rules, like they do with the impartiality clause in their bylaws.

They’ll have every incentive to do so. After all, what can we expect from a party that defends its right to rig an election in open court? What can we expect from a party that sees nothing wrong with the money laundering scheme that Hillary Clinton used to rig the primaries in 2016?

The Democratic Party told us everything that we needed to know when it reminded us that as a private corporation, it can pick its candidates in “cigar filled back rooms.” In other words, the primaries are a charade, designed to create the illusion of choice.

The corporate lobbyists, Clinton loyalists, and beltway consultants control the Democratic Party’s rules and progressives are completely at their mercy. They can change them, then change them back. They can make them worse. They can ignore them. They can outright ban Bernie from running at any minute by requiring presidential candidates to have been a registered Democrat for four years prior. What kind of revolution puts itself completely at the mercy of the establishment that it seeks to overthrow?

“There’s nothing complicated about restoring democracy to your primary. If the Democratic Party was whatsoever concerned with the legitimacy of its elections, it could have approved changes at its Philadelphia convention (in July 2016) or at any subsequent meeting of the DNC, noted Nick Brana, founder and director of Movement for a People’s Party, formerly Draft Bernie for a People’s Party.  Instead, “the party has opted to endlessly delay and mislead people who are clamoring for real change.”

Brana was the national political outreach coordinator for Bernie 2016 and lobbied the DNC members to cast their superdelegate votes for Sanders during the presidential primaries.

After a year and a half of negotiations spanning several cities, the best that the Democratic Party could muster was a set of non-binding recommendations that, even if approved, will make the Democratic primary less democratic than the Republican primary.

Despite superdelegates being antithetical to democracy and harkening back to the days when party bosses outright picked the nominees, the Unity Reform Commission decided to recommend keeping at least a couple hundred superdelegates, each with the power of tens of thousands of voters and wholly unaccountable to the will of the voters. Meanwhile, the Republicans have zero unbound superdelegates.

Noticeably absent from the commission’s report were any recommendations challenging the rampant corruption in the party. No resolutions were made banning corporate money from the party. Or lobbyist gifts. Or the use of super PACS. Or revolving door jobs on Wall Street.

The Sanders campaign taught the country that politicians cannot take money from billionaires and simultaneously represent working people. Yet the party did nothing to address the issue at the core of its corruption. “How are we supposed to free ourselves from the corrupting influence of big donors without even challenging their mechanisms of political control?” asked Brana.