Slack admits attack on Nick Brana and MPP was baseless, issues an apology

After your tremendous response yesterday, Slack Technologies has retracted its wild accusations of foreign influence against me and our movement. The corporation was forced to admit that its claims were baseless and issue an apology. It has since reinstated my accounts and I’ve confirmed that full access is restored.

Slack is our digital office. We use the messaging platform to coordinate our organizing. Late this Wednesday, the multibillion dollar company shut my accounts down claiming that they had originated abroad. This is the original notice they sent me.

Just as our coalition building with labor is taking off, the tech giant and its billionaire CEO attacked us and the public’s right to organize a new political party. The deactivation came two weeks after Reuters reported that the company is preparing to go public and has hired Goldman Sachs to lead preparations for its IPO.

The suppression was targeted and intentional. Of the several Slack groups that I belong to, the company only chose to remove me from both of my Movement for a People’s Party accounts. We informed Slack that the accusations were false but they refused to reverse the decision.

That’s when we issued a press release and informed the world of their political suppression on social media. The result was a huge backlash against the company that forced them to admit the accusation was baseless, reinstate my accounts, and issue an apology. It was very important to show the establishment that if you attack us, we will respond in force.

Because our movement is a force to be reckoned with.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who stood up for me and MPP. So many of you spread the word, contacted Slack, and offered legal services. I was profoundly humbled by your support in our time of need. We stood our ground, we fought back, and we won!

Nick Brana
Founder and National Director
Movement for a Peoples Party