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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorses Nancy Pelosi

In an outrageous act, the Democratic Party is threatening to pick a Speaker of the House who is even more conservative than Nancy Pelosi if the few progressives in Congress do not concede to the party establishment and endorse her. The overwhelming majority of the opposition to Pelosi is coming from the right wing of…

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MPP’s Special Election Newsletter

We’re just three days out from the 2018 midterm elections with the chance to make groundbreaking advances for our movement! Please enjoy the second edition of our monthly MPP newsletter, where we update you on movement actions and current events.   MPP News ● Multiple Republican sources have told the Florida press that an internal…

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MPP-TV Interview with Jamie Margolin of Zero Hour Youth Climate March

The adults have failed us and young people are taking matters into their own hands. Join Nick and Jamie Margolin, director of the Youth Climate March coming to Washington, DC next weekend. The March is being organized and led by high school students and fellow Climate leaders like Leonardo DiCaprio are coming out in support.…

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