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Press Release: DNC Unity Reform Commission Meetings

For Immediate Release Dec. 9, 2017 Contact: Carol Ehrle | | (248) 808-4200 Media Team |   Consultants, Clintonites and Corporate Lobbyists to Decide Whether Political Revolution May Proceed   Washington D.C. — In the latest example of kicking the can down the road, the DNC Unity Reform Commission announced a handful of…

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Corporate Lobbyist Becomes Chair of the California Democratic Party, Confirms the Need for a New People's Party

For Immediate Release: May 20, 2017 BREAKING: Corporate lobbyist Eric Bauman just became chair of the California Democratic Party. His achievements include taking $100,000 from pharmaceutical companies to block the initiative for lower drug prices in California. An initiative backed by Bernie Sanders. The Democratic Party doesn’t need any help from the Republicans to lead…

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