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MPP National Conference Call – 5/24/2018

The Poor People’s Campaign was at the top of discussion on the national call. Nick encouraged MPP supporters to attend the 3 remaining direct actions at their state’s capital every Monday at 2 p.m. local time. Please write testimonials and get involved with your state’s PPC coordinating teams. Links are in the recap going out via email on Wed.,…

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MPP National Conference Call – 4/26/2018

On the national call, ​you voted unanimously to endorse Tim Canova’s independent bid for Congress! Tim touched on several aspects of his progressive platform which is a reflection of MPP’s principles. An economist, Tim has a particular interest in resolving the country’s hidden unemployment problem. Among his ideas are giving equal weight to a universal…

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MPP-TV Interview with Tim Canova

In this interview, Nick interviews Tim Canova and gets his take on South Florida politics and how the game is played with debates and more to keep progressives out of the race and the office, and about how he decided to make the bold move to run unaffiliated against Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

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