Weekly Organizing Call – 5-4-17

Listen to our eighth National Conference Call as we share the latest developments and talk about where the growing movement to Draft Bernie is heading next. this week, Nick talked about how the movement for a people’s party has been on a roll! In the past week, Dr. Cornel West joined us and fellow revolutionaries Jane Sanders and Nina Turner retweeted us! The rising independent media star Anoa Changa, host of The Way with Anoa, was our guest speaker. Anoa is a contributor to The Benjamin Dixon Show, editor at large for the Progressive Army Blog, and the deputy director of MPACT. Field Organizers James Larsen from the CA Bay gave pointers about how to have a fantastic Bernstorm and Bill Kildall, state leader from WA announced his plans to form Draft Bernie Chapters in regions all across WA. It is amazing what people all around the country are accomplishing in this movement. Learn more, sign up to volunteer, contribute, and find our petition at DraftBernie.org.​

Listen Now: