Women’s March on the Pentagon

The Women’s March on the Pentagon is this weekend and you’re invited! On the 51st anniversary of the massive 1967 Vietnam War protest outside of the Pentagon, women and men will gather to demand an end to the wars and ballooning military budgets that kill hundreds of thousands and darken our nation’s soul.

The march is this Sunday, October 21. We’ll meet at 11 am at the Pentagon City Metro Station before marching to the Pentagon at noon. The rally starts at 1 pm. I’ll be speaking alongside Cindy Sheehan, Medea Benjamin, Bruce Dixon, Eleanor Goldfield, Jill Stein, Sameera Khan and many other great peace activists. We’ll be joined by several bands and musical guests.

Join me and fellow MPP members for a pre-march meet-and-greet at 10 am on Sunday at the Starbucks in Pentagon Centre , by the Pentagon City Metro Station. To join us please RSVP with our National Organizer Carolyn Wolfe.

Marchers and speakers will also gather on Saturday, October 20 from 12-8 pm for a series of anti-war workshops and a mixer that starts at 6 pm. Saturday’s events will be hosted at St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church in Washington D.C.

If you can’t attend in person, join us online over livestream on our Facebook page. Find the schedule and much more on the Women’s March on the Pentagon website.

As we say in The People’s Platform, our country must redeploy its resources to defend the American people against the most merciless and lethal enemies to ever invade our shores: poverty, hunger and ill health. This weekend we will bring the anti-war movement roaring back to life!

In heart and struggle,

Nick Brana
Founder and National Director
Movement for a People’s Party

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